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You give your best to the niu and we give our best for you! We make sure that you reach your career goals by offering targeted trainings and workshops.

We want our employees to reach their full potential. That is why we aid them with fitting trainings and further education. Our talent pool the „NOVUM Hospitality School“ will foster your strengths, so that you will be able to see yourself with from a new perspective. Our trainings, seminars, and online courses help you find the right path for your career. You can be sure of this: From your very first day at the niu, you are just as valuable for us as those that have been with us for a longer period of time. This is true for those coming with experience in the hotel industry as those moving to it laterally or those seeking refuge - everyone has a chance to move forward. Sounds good? Then move forward with us and let’s tackle the future together for our mutual success. 

the niu – the talent pool

We know that everyone’s got a talent. Whether you still have to find yours or have been using it for years: at our talent pool „NOVUM Hospitality School“ we will take care of training for lateral movers, old hands of the industry, or refugees coming to Europe to get ahead. It’s never too late to change course.

Your path to new goals

Setting yourself goalposts, reaching them: the niu offers trainings and education, seminars and online courses, that guide you on your career path. You are from a different sector of industry? Wonderful - we are looking forward to your fresh ideas. Everyone gets a chance with us.