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At the niu Franz you will hold court like the emperor and you will enjoy the company of Sissi and Franz on your royal city trip. We are ideally located for public transport in order to get you to Schloss Schönbrunn or the in-quarters of the 6th and 7th district in no-time. The niu Franz is an ideal and elegant stop for city explorers, business people and couples, enjoying a royal breakfast and the coolest local tips.

Good to know: The name Franz refers to the emperor of Austria and the Viennese dialect, in which Franz sounds just like "friends".

Reception the niu Franz Hotel in Vienna

the niu Franz

Dresdner Str. 111
1200 Vienna, Austria
Entrance the niu Franz Hotel in Vienna

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Stylish: Imperial & Cool

Baroque, elegant and relaxed: The niu Franz has turned the history of the metropolis on the Danube upside down and the result is our imperial-cool look with a unique ambience of wellness. Here, you are king or queen - lie back and relax in our welcoming living room and enjoy a great time. Or as the Viennese say, when they feel peachy: “Des is ur leiwand.”

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wall art Maximilian Magnus
wall art Maximilian Magnus
wall art Maximilian Magnus

What’s new in the city?

This is where the party starts … at the niu you are amongst friends. With us, you will get to meet locals from the neighborhood and receive the inside scoop on where to be in the city.

88% Based on 9318 Rating
Service 88%
Cleanliness 93%
Room 89%

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