Stylish: Imperial & Cool

the niu Home

Elegant break in style

Kiss on the hand: the niu Franz welcomes you with a cordial bow and curtsy and an elegant but laid-back design concept. Historical themes on the walls, a stylized Sissy on the glass in the baths and royal reds for the carpet, furnishings, and designer lamp shades. A baroque mirror bath of emotions - with a modern interior to lie back. Falco would have been a regular here. The niu Franz is posh and stylish - with quite a bit of „Wiener Schmäh“ (typically Viennese snide humor) and snippy anecdotes. All of which you will find in playful and funny details and of course at the reception of good humor. The concept of the niu Franz feels like a Viennese waltz on the urban dancefloor. Need more spinning around? Try the abstract paintings by Maximilian Magnus, which will elevate you above the crowd. Bravo!

Artist Maximilian Magnus is the indie popstar of painting. His art tells stories that touch you. Watching him work, it feels like you are at a concert. You could call it living expressionism. With his whole body and full range motions he transforms his emotions and his energy and brings it to the canvas. With rhythmically swaying brush strokes his aesthetic compositions take form - an amazing process. You might get lost in it - but in a good way. „My painting is based on my emotions and my art is like a diary“, Maximilian tells us. He finds other outlets for his creativity, too, such as video, photo, and dance. The former stage painter loves the changes and challenges that his work brings. At the niu Franz the long time friend and supporter of „Viva con Agua“ has painted more than 400 square meters. Inspired by social and cultural differences he has seen on his travels, the abstract paintings are a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Hang tight!

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