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Feelings of happiness guaranteed!

Cheers to the traditions and multigenerational sites! When you're in town, you definitely have to make a detour to the Vollpension. This tacky and cozy coffee house run by seniors is a place of coziness and love. Traditional baking is one of many activities at the coffee house where values like respect, cleanliness, comfort, taste and diversity are of utmost importance. Let’s face it: It works. You want to stay.

Old and young belong together. By talking, having coffee and eating people come together.

The main idea of ​​this coffee house is as valuable as it is true: in large cities there are no longer many touchpoints for generations. The seniors of the Vollpension want to break this gap and created a communication-catalyst that enables uncomplicated encounters between the young and old. Even more: They believe that everyone has something to give and that we can all contribute to good coexistence. To them, the Vollpension is an impulse for older people to remain an active and firmly integrated, valuable part of society. The concept also makes a contribution against poverty at an old age. The name Vollpension is a smart allusion to the often not lush annuities that are called pensions in Austria.
Here, being human is an important value. Wonderful!

The unique picnic basket service is also great. Are you in Vienna and want to treat yourself with a romantic, playful, or simply cozy day in the park? Let the seniors of the Vollpension pack you a (even games are considered) basket full of goodies. Enjoy your sightseeing break in a completely different way. Take your shoes off and open the basket.

It is a wonderful life, isn’t it?

Café Vollpension

Opening hours: monday-saturday 7:30am-10:00pm / sunday 8:00am-8:00pm

Tel.: +43 676 637 81 06

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