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The niu Fury invites you to cozy up and relax. Our location near the horse racing track Munich-Riem is an adventure in itself. Wonderfully accentuated and elegantly designed. We are willing to hold a bet that you will want to return. Munich’s inner city and the fairgrounds are easily reached with public transport or by car, making the niu Fury a perfect spot to recharge for business travelers and city explorers.

Good to know: The name Fury is, of course, a reminder of the traditional horse racing track in Munich-Riem, which is just a hop and a skip away.

Reception the niu Sparrow

the niu Fury

Otto-Hahn-Straße 1
85609 Aschheim, Germany
Entrance the niu Sparrow

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A touch of noblesse

Your etiquette at the niu Fury: get here, get settled, get relaxed. Here you may forget your everyday troubles in our languid and elegant ambience. Hand over the reigns. In Aschheim we will take care of your needs. Here you are at home with friends. The design concept with its feel of the horse races and a little wink will give you a touch of British noblesse.

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What’s new in the city?

This is where the party starts … at the niu you are amongst friends. With us, you will get to meet locals from the neighborhood and receive the inside scoop on where to be in the city.

90% Based on 2790 Rating
Service 90%
Cleanliness 93%

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Interior the niu Fury
Interior Design the niu Fury
Lobby the niu Fury
Reception the niu Fury

Reception the niu Fury