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Bohemian-Bavarian traditional food

There is a lot of love, and some history, behind Nadja and Milan’s „Jägerpfandl“ (Hunter’s Pan) and Viennese „Schnitzel“. Nothing they serve is from a can, frozen, or fast. Everything that Milan cooks is based on recipe’s from his mother. The Bohemian and Bavarian cuisines are his favorites. This emphasis on tradition is well-received, both by locals and tourists alike.

There is plenty on the plate. Where else would you still get that?

Plate sizes are enormous. And both owners are full of humor: if you want a smaller portion, you will need to order a „pensioner’s plate“. More often than not, though, their opulence is the secret to their success. At the Gasthaus Butz, you will not leave hungry, ever.

The rustic charm, the hefty plates, the tradition - this is what makes it cool. Driven to the point of extreme, so that it really receives fans. You will love to spend time here. The special highlight (and the owners’ major point of pride) is their cozy-romantic garden. You can find the hungry and the sociable out here during summer months.

We do recommend the lunch menu. It is crazy, both in taste and portion size. You’ll see…

Address: Erdinger Landstrasse 11, 85609 Dornach

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