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A Food- and Culture-Tour in Berlin

Berlin! Berlin! We are going to Berlin! Are you interested in a deep dive into Berlin’s culinary riches? Sure thing. Just book one of Bastian’s interesting, tasty, and unforeseen Food Tours through Berlin. You will experience insights, recommendations and anecdotes of Berlin’s urban culture and culinary highlights in the city that never sleeps and always surprises. What’s great: The tour groups are small (with 10 people max) and thus allow you to check out a lot of places. What does he offer? Craft beer tastings, coffee and cake tours, the best „Currywürste“ (curried sausages) of the city, experiencing supper in the different quarters, and much more. Even better: Every participant will receive a printed version of all the visited hotspots.

“With every tour we donate meals for children in need.”

Learn from an insider, who has great contacts, and gain from his expertise in this local deep dive. Bastian’s tours over that bit extra and guarantee an unforgettable group experience. Isn’t it great that you can give back while doing this? The Berlin Food Tour helps children in need and donates free meals. We love it!

Booking and further details: https://www.berlinfoodtour.de/

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