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Welcome to Neverland!

Little stuff, fine stuff, selected stuff, and stuff that was made with love. That and a whole lot of more stuff for kids can be found at the „Quatschbanane“ in Berlin. An original of the city has had the idea for it. Therese Platz grew up in the Eastern parts of the capital, hopping and skipping through life and several jobs, before finally settling in at the Kaskelstrasse 28 to create this magical oasis.

Yes, there are lots of fashion stores for kids. And yes, some are really beautiful. But the „Quatschbanane“ has got that something special, something that put a spell on us from the beginning. The cloth that makes it all possible is mull, hand-colored and -processed in Berlin. Amazingly natural colors, great cuts and designs for children, and products „thought through a hundred times“, as Therese herself says.

“Just be a bit more nonsensical!”

Don’t get us wrong, but after having tested the material by hand, and extensively, we are in mull-heaven and full on fan-girling the Quatschbanane. How amazing to just be able to do that right there. Stroll through the Kaskelkiez, stop in with Frau Platz, chat with her and learn „Berlinerisch“, and get all touchy-feely with the quality of the products. It will be love on first touch. That’s how it started with us.

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