Around the world and back

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“FOLKDAYS has grown out of the demand to rethink fair fashion and design: with timeless, sustainable, and strongly designed products.“

Marvelous things from marvelous countries

Hey folks, want a trip around the world in only 20 square meters? At the Manteuffelstrasse 19 in Berlin, you will find this time machine - the FOLKDAYS offers you some magical stuff from around the world (and Berlin) in a little hole in the wall in Kreuzberg. Ethnic treasures, folkloristic exoticism, and some trendy stuff from our time.

Good variety - lots of inspiration

Lisa Jaspers founded the label FOLKDAYS in 2013 and found a home for it in 2016 at Manteuffelstrasse. The idea for the brand and the shop came to her on her many travels. At the FOLKDAYS you can find certified hand-produced clothing, enchanting accessoires, magical jewelry, and timeless interior design pieces

Are you looking for transparency? No problem for Lisa. The history, production chains, distribution paths - everything will be openly and authentically reported on her website.

FOLKDAYS works with selected, small manufacturers or individuals in developing nations. Here, the traditions and craftsmanship, passed on for generations, still counts.

Sustainable, beautiful, timeless, and traditional - that sounds like the perfect store for responsible consumption. Quite the feat and worth looking into. 


Manteuffelstraße 19, 10997 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 93626094

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12h to 19h // Sat 12h to 18h

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