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Murder, she wrote

“Tatort” was already taken as a name - and not only by Germany’s most famous crime show. Doesn’t matter. “totsicher” (roughly: „dead shot“) is even more on point - a definitive bull’s eye hit…

The birth of the “totsicher”-book story took place during a passionate voyage. Founders Grit and Antje went to college together and both wanted to turn their passion for crime novels into a profession. “totsicher” is a bookstore that goes above and beyond - a consultation, a personal exchange, and lots of courage to find that special book beyond the mainstream. Coming here, you are looking for the unusual, for the kick - at the least, you are looking for the advice of real experts of the trade.

The circle of life

More so, the antiquarian book shop, including a second hand department, has become a welcome part of the Lichtenberg-area. Patrons exchange used books for coupons and back. Somewhere from 1 to 7 Euro is the price for their treasures. Browsing is, of course, for free.

By now, the range has been expanded and there is not a murder in every book. Instead, children’s books and other well-made novels fill up the shelves at the store. But what is to be considered well-made, is still the decision of Grit and Antje.

Trust them, they are „dead shots“ for the right books.

totsicher Krimbuchhandlung

Margaretenstraße 2, 10317 Berlin

Tel.: 030/ 84 85 45 09



Opening hours:  Mon-Fri 10h – 19h // Sat 10h – 14h

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