Urban Jungle

the niu Home

Adventure full of art

Right here in Bremen the niu Crusoe combines urban life with the wilderness of the jungle. Here, the tropical interior makes for an amazing design, highlighted by the perfectly placed animals of illustrator Davina Cochrane. On each floor, you will find truly inspiring 3D art, from monkeys to parrots. Down to the last detail, the lovely concept at the niu Crusoe is an oasis of well-being for air mile collectors, couples, and families. Forget the Caribbean, you can just stay at our beaches, right here in Bremen.

Boundaries are just in your head!

In our opinion, Davina Cochrane is an exceptional artist. She does not label herself that way, though. „For an artist, I am much too structured. I don’t let anything go unplanned“, Davina tells us. „I am more of a Visual Artist,“ the illustrator with Scottish roots says. Davina loves to come up with visual concepts, implementing them to the last detail. Her illustrations, murals, and 3D prints are full of energy, loud, and impressive. At our hotel in Bremen, Davina has created a new backdrop for a modern version of “Robinson Crusoe”. We are stunned and you will be, too!

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