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Old school movie theatre

Crossing the threshold of the „Schauburg“, you leave behind reality. Sounds intriguing? It sure is. The arthouse cinema was built in 1929 and has been awarded with countless prices for its amazing and very special program each year. 

We notice a lot of demand for films in their original version. Thus, we have expanded our offerings in this direction over the last few years.

(Marc Sifrin, Team lead of Bremen Arthouse Theatres)

Main show is in progress!

This is no faceless multiplex theatre, here your movie night will be a wholesome experience. No wonder then that the Schauburg has resident patrons. The employees working here are as devoted - some have been with the theatre for more than 10 years. The Schauburg is the oldest film house in Bremen and everyone here knows each other by name.

What we really like about the Schauburg:

  • Monday nights at 21h, there is a Sneak Preview with integrated film quiz, which Marc hosts live. The films are always ahead of release schedule, in the original language, and with German subtitles.
  • Every sunday, at 14h, kids will have their show and enjoy a well-selected children’s film.

More advice: It is worth checking in online for more updates, the general program being enhanced by special film events such as Cinema Italia or Northern Lights.

Don´t miss: Every now and then, the Schauburg will put out the red carpet for exclusive premieres. Fatih Akin, Heike Makatsch, Wim Wenders, Lars Eidinger, Christiane Paul and Jürgen Vogel are just some of the German stars that have graced the Schauburg with their presence.


Vor dem Steintor 114, 28203 Bremen

Reserve seating at the box office or under 0421 - 620 123 33

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