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In a city where the density of pubs is greater than the number of traffic lights, you should consciously stop in and consume selectively. Cologne is crazy. Full of drinkers. Full of the party-hungry. And full of choice. We've compiled the best pubs in the Latin Quarter and the Belgian Quarter for you.

The neighborhood around Zülpicher Straße, where many students party, is probably the liveliest and most popular. "Kwartier Lataeng" is the Cologne pronunciation of "Quartier Latin." This district is the most popular nightlife area for most of the 100,000 students in Cologne and is just 1,000 meters from campus.Here in the "Kwartier", the density of bars and pubs is enormous. Here it's loud, lively and young. So if you want to party, this is the place to be. For everyone else: A stroll through this fountain of youth is recommended. You'll make friends faster than some fast-food restaurants serve burgers at the drive-in counter. Cologne is here. Unmistakable!Here are your new top 3 favorite bars:


Perhaps the best cocktail bar in the neighborhood. Since 2009, the team has been serving the finest cocktails, long- and signature drinks. Really good. Really dangerous. The tasty drinks and the cool, urban atmosphere definitely invite you to sink your teeth into it. Here, everyone talks to everyone else. Join for a drink or two!

Roonstrasse 94
50674 Köln

2. The gas station

Now that's consistent marketing. Here, you sit in car seats in true style and - in keeping with the name - get filled up. If you like it unconventional, the gas station is the right place for you. On Sundays, you can watch the Cologne "Tatort" series and also the Bundesliga games. Other event highlights are the open mic sessions on Thursdays and the Monday quiz nights.

Kyffhäuser Strasse 19
50674 Köln

3. Stereo wonderland

Dancing? Best place in the "Kwartier". There is a lot of physical contact on the program at Stereo Wonderland. The very small room is regularly very filled with people who very much like to hold their drinks aloft and very much like to bawl along to hits. Viewed soberly, Stereo Wonderland is a dingy, much too small indie club. But the success proves the little Wannabe right. On Fridays and Saturdays, it really bursts at the seams. Extra tip: The in-house Mexikaner (drink) will get your body temperature up in advance. Cheers!

Trierer Strasse 65
50674 Köln

Socializing runs through the veins of the people of Cologne

The Belgian Quarter is undoubtedly one of the most popular and beautiful nightlife areas in Cologne. Here you get a wonderful feeling for the much-cited sociability of the Rhine metropolis. Many beautiful old buildings, nice lively atmosphere, bar after bar after bar.... Good to know: its name is derived from the street names that refer to Belgian provinces or cities. Welcome to the Belgian Quarter!


It doesn't get any tighter or hotter anywhere. Here, people love, separate and touch each other. Something is up in the air at the legendary Sixpack. You'll have to find out for yourselves what it is. We can only show you the way...

Aachener Str. 33
50674 Köln


The "best gin fizz in town" bar has been winning over both locals and travelers for years. Whoever gets a seat at the open window here has arrived. Cocktails, electronic music and a wonderfully uncomplicated bar atmosphere - the Barracuda Bar is Cologne. Basta!

Bismarckstraße 44 50672 Köln

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