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Jeriffels und Lück

Every city has that one, that special flea market that represents the flair and color of the city. It's the same in Cologne. The Cologne Südstadt Flea Market has been drawing the people of Cologne to the parking lot of the Süd sports complex for over 25 years. Here you can literally meet the whole Cologne Südstadt and mingle with the Lück (Cologne for people) in a wonderfully uncomplicated way.

You will also find everything your junk dealer's heart desires. Rarities, second-hand, records, vases, household items, treasures from the mid-century era and much more. With well over 300 vendors, the Südstadt Flea Market is one of the big ones.

Bring plenty of time, a to go-Kölsch and a good mood. The area is spacious, but apart from that, you want to stay. You rarely get more Cologne in one area. Immerse yourself, marvel and enjoy.

And if you just can't get enough, we recommend further visits to Cologne and the many flea markets in the city on the Rhine.

Here is a small overview of the most popular markets in Cologne:

  • Flea market at Riehler Gürtel in Riehl
  • Flea market at the RheinEnergie Stadium in Müngersdorf
  • Flea market at the old fire station in Agnesviertel
  • Flea market in Nippes (Wilhelmplatz)
  • Flea market at the racecourse in Weidenpesch
  • Flea market at the Rhine promenade between the Hohenzollern bridge and the bastion, Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer
  • Yard sale in Worringen, Weidenpesch & Longerich
  • Flea market at the drive-in cinema in Porz

Fun fact about the Südstadt Flea Market: The Südstadion (Sportanlage Süd) is a soccer stadium with athletics facilities in the Zollstock district of Cologne. It is the home ground of the third division soccer team SC Fortuna Köln and offers 14,944 seats.


Cologne Südstadt Flea Market

Vorgebirgsstrasse between Fortuna Stadium and Volksgarten, 50969 Cologne, Germany

Parking facilities:

Wholesale market, parking lot at Bischofsweg

The Südstadt flea market dates 2022:

  • Sun 01 May
  • Sun 29 May
  • Sun 03 Jul.

Planned dates:

  • Sun 07.Aug.
  • Sun Sep 04.
  • Sun 09 Oct.
  • Sun 06 Nov.

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