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... and in the end it all makes a gin.

The unique selling point of the SQUARE cocktail bar is not the what, but rather the how. David Rippen, bartender, trained hotel manager and owner of the SQUARE Bar loves to play with flavors, spices and ingredients. You won't find any village fair umbrella creations with sugar still crunching between your teeth minutes later. Nor will you find "all-or-nothing" concoctions with an ingredient list longer than the line outside the pub. 

But David Rippen's creations are anything but ordinary. Primarily, they taste competent. And bold. They bear such illustrious names as "Cypress Dill" or "Pimms my ride" and convince with a perfectly coordinated harmony. Honesty and down-to-earthness are writ large here: You won't find any bottled juices at the SQUARE Bar. For the cocktails, fruit acid is used, quite ordinary, from the lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. You also look in vain for industrially produced syrup in the bar. David produces his own. This is not the easiest way, but for Mr. Rippen the most honest.

The interior is also unusual for such a modern-thinking bar culture. A hodgepodge from all over the world, devotional objects of the chef, relabeled jam jars... The purism of the cocktail preparation breaks with its surroundings. But even on this subject, serenity reigns. David Rippen, by his own admission, concentrates on the essentials. And that is just to create wonderful, honest and really good drinks.

The dangerous thing is the convincing. Whoever drinks one, here in the SQUARE Bar, definitely wants more. And even if you can't always taste the alcohol - it's in there.... The only thing left to do is to come back. The menu is long and entices with seasonal highlights, so that coming back feels like a new date. A recurring first impression, as it were. Smart. That's how he is, David Rippen from Düsseldorf. Cheers.



Collenbachstraße 57

40476 Dusseldorf


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