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"Variety, that's the little, decadent brother of the circus." These are the words Bernhard Paul, founder of Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, uses to describe the fascinating nature of his Düsseldorf theater. We send you into a strange world, one that lives out decadence in the most positive sense and breaks fantasy boundaries. Who wouldn't like to escape from the disdainful reality from time to time? Who doesn't occasionally long for a world full of glitter, tramborium and breathtaking artistry?

The Apollo Theater, they say, is one of the most beautiful and largest variety theaters in Europe. It is housed in an imposing glass cube under the Rheinkniebrücke bridge - a design by architects Niklaus Fritschi, Benedikt Stahl and Günter Baum, who also developed the adjacent Rhine embankment promenade.

Enter the world of spirited, rousing productions, artists, comedians and entertainers. Here everything is still analog and real. Do not expect tricks and digital gimmicks. The program is absolutely oldschool. And by that is meant praising the glamour of the "old show days" in Broadway style. Wonderful and authentic!

You have the opportunity to combine the unique live entertainment with culinary delights and enhance your experience with a stylish three-course meal. Let yourself be enchanted. Let us serve you. Let us whisk you away to other spheres. We're probably sitting at the next table....


Roncalli's Apollo Varieté Betriebs GmbH

Apollo Square 1

40213 Duesseldorf

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