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In the middle of Düsseldorf-Gerresheim, the world is at your feet. At "fischer's lagerhaus" you'll find pieces of furniture, home accessories, an antiquarian bookshop and plenty of stories from around the world.
Quote:"The idea for "fischer's lagerhaus" was born during a backpacking trip through Asia in the 90s. The joy of discovery and the passion for handicraft products were the impetus for founding the company at that time."
You can feel the love for foreign cultures, for craftsmanship, for detail. The pieces and styles on offer are selected, lovingly staged and, if desired, steeped in history. An integral part of the successful concept are the monthly announced sea container imports, with which hand-picked items and new fancy goods arrive in Düsseldorf again and again.

Simple and successful principle: Many of the products are photographed before and during loading - so the website is always kept fresh and up-to-date. With each new part, a fresh breeze blows through the Düsseldorf warehouse. Where does it all come from? The "fischer's langerhaus" crew looks back on many years of successful cooperation with more than 400 different artisan workshops, production companies and exporters. Make your own picture. You will not go home empty-handed. That's a promise!


fischer's warehouse

In the Brühl

540625 Duesseldorf

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