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Freshness, regionality and honesty - this is the recipe for success of the operators of one of the most beautiful and popular restaurants in Dusseldorf-Gerresheim.
A stone's throw from our the niu Seven, you'll find the gastronomic gem called Herr Knillmann, from which you're guaranteed to steal at least a beer mat as a memento.

"Right between the historic Basilica of St. Margaret (built in 1236) and beautiful, old plane trees on the Old Market, we feel right at home."
But seriously, wonderfully and lovingly prepared food is a guarantee for success. The Herr Knillmann crew focuses on modernity, transparency and unconditional quality.
And scores with it.
For example, meat and Flönz (traditional Rhineland sausage variety) are actually delivered daily by the traditional butcher Meyer Willems from Gerresheim. Something else is out of the question for the Herr Knillmann crew. "Flöns has to come from Dusseldorf - and so of course we have a Dusseldorf butcher - you don't drink Jever in Upper Bavaria." (Herr Knillmann)

Don't worry, the vegetarians and vegans among you will also get their money's worth at Herr Knilmann: beet tartare, grilled avocado, burrata with tarragon-tomato-vanilla salsa... How does that sound? You'll have to trust us: It sounds like it tastes. We are regulars and want to share our enthusiasm with you. Go there, dine and come back again and again. Herr Knillmann will become a good reason to come back to Düsseldorf soon.

Mr. Knillmann

Alter Market 1a

40625 Dusseldorf

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