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You will never want to check out: Our the niu Tab unites various cultural influences of the city in one place. All in accordance with art: inspired by the “Little Tokyo” neighborhood, famous painters and the Altbier of course. A welcoming design studio for digital nomads, city explorers and locals – with a stylish workplace area; your new homeoffice at home with friends. There is no cooler accommodation in Dusseldorf. Also great: Enjoy an amazing view over Dusseldorf from the 7th floor – Helau!

Good to know: Matching the storytelling, our the niu Tab stands for Tokyo, Art & Beer, that make the city exciting, unique and diverse.

the niu Tab

Moskauer Straße 29
40227 Düsseldorf, Germany

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Tokyo connection

Urban, cosmopolitan and stylish – welcome to our the niu Tab – inspired by Dusseldorf’s diverse influences from Japan, the Bauhaus-culture and the popular art community. From kimono over beer kegs to Gerhard Richter (German painter) – enjoy our stylish and cheerful world with the best local tips; your hotspot to take off and take down!

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This is where the party starts … at the niu you are amongst friends. With us, you will get to meet locals from the neighborhood and receive the inside scoop on where to be in the city.

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Cleanliness 89%

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