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Our the niu Tab combines a unique design with an interior storytelling that mirrors Dusseldorf’s colorful character. Industrial design, murals, Asian elements and rustic furniture in used-look create a unique atmosphere. The hotel’s open living lobby sprays the feeling of being home with friends – with high spirits. Our reception and bar, designed like beer kegs, guarantee joyful evenings. The architect Siemer Kramer has a good feeling on merging different materials and designs to create an urban design studio – charmingly set on stage. There is a cool workplace area that incites creativity and an art gallery with impressive murals and paintings – instagrammable moments guaranteed!

Freelance and free in spirit

Isakov honors us at the niu Tab in Düsseldorf

He is the artist of the hour for us: Isakov's elements of ornamentation and architecture play an essential role in his work. He has created his very own formal language and inspires us with large-scale, high-contrast murials on the walls of our Rhine Hotel.

Up to 15 hours a day the self-proclaimed workaholic worked on his works in our the niu Tab - Isakov IS the niu Tab - symbiotically fused with our design concept. Part of our overall ensemble. Our cosmos. The artist becomes part of our family. Welcome home with friends.