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Wonderful tradition: the flea market on Aachener Platz in Düsseldorf-Bilk has been a cultural asset of the Rhine metropolis for 44 years. In the 80s the artist Joseph Beuys and the later Federal Minister of the Interior Otto Schily fought for the popular meeting place - meanwhile the market has achieved cult status and is also known beyond the city limits.

Psst: It's hard to believe, but even people from Cologne have been spotted in Bilk ...

And what is special now?

It starts with the ambience: Market founder Artur Gerke brought his love of the French market “Le Marché de St. Quen - Porte Clignancourt” to the Rhine metropolis and built the first stalls in the Düsseldorf market based on the French model. Since then, the French flair has been part of the market. Furthermore, it is the successful mixture of useless, used, antique and special that makes this market a highlight for collectors and bargain hunters.

"It is a lovable cultural counterpart to the Kö." (former Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel)

Up to 20,000 visitors flood the area on busy market days. Live music fills the strolling visitors with sound, coffee stalls bring new spirits to those who have danced through and delicious waffles catapult us all into childhood memories - it smells of cellar, powdered sugar, coffee and bratwurst. We love exactly this mixture! So it's no wonder that a show-up at Aachener Platz is now part of the standard weekend repertoir of the Düsseldorfers. But don't worry: he is and will be down to earth. No Chi Chi, but real, lived and loved culture.

So, off to Düsseldorf-Bilk with you! See you at the waffle stand!

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