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Duesseldorf- Tokyo connection

More than 8,000 Japanese live in the metropolis on the Rhine. This is the largest Japanese community in Europe. And she has the talent. The “Little Tokyo” district is called pulsating and it is true: Wherever the eye can see, we come across (for us) the exotic, the delicious, the beautiful, the colorful, the filigree. You will find the unique Japanese atmosphere between the main train station and the city center along Immermannstrasse and Klosterstrasse. Ramen snacks, bakeries, bars, hotels, supermarkets, bookshops and much more is on offer here. Business people, Manga fans, gourmets, tourists, locals - this is where people meet. Everyone is welcome here.

Discover the unknown

Ramen, yes, you know. But the Japanese art of baking is relatively unknown to date. A hot tip is the enchanting bakery “Bakery my heart” at Marienstraße 26. You should definitely try the Melonpan (melon bread), a cream-filled bun made of light and tasty dough and filled with vanilla pudding. Also great: It is also offered as a green Matcha version.

Are you looking for accessories and decorative items? Then we recommend a visit to the “Kyoto” store at Immermannstraße 26. There you will find Japanese furnishings and home accessories. Magical attention to detail and wonderful to look at. Of course, the artistic refinement is in the foreground here. You will love it!

Last but not least: You can't leave this special community without trying traditional Japanese cuisine. Just stroll along Immermannstraße and decide spontaneously and intuitively: Here you are spoiled for choice. The street is lined with culinary wonders. We recommend EVERYTHING, but definitely also the restaurant “Takumi”. Much is right here. The takumi noodles are rounded off with spices imported from Hokkaido and topped with various toppings such as teriyaki chicken, seaweed, boiled egg or sprouts. Crazy delicious!


Kyoto - Japan Art Deco, Immermannstrasse 26, 40210 Düsseldorf
Bakery my Heart, Marienstraße 26, 40210 Düsseldorf
Takumi, Immermannstrasse 28, 40210 Düsseldorf





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