Candy colors bash

the niu Home

A symbiosis between pop art and American diner

Our the niu Belt takes you along on an inspirational and atmospheric design journey. The retro look celebrates the shapes and colors of the 50’s and 60’s and combines puristic formed furniture and fabrics with graphic prints. The contemporary transmission makes interior, design and art to be the perfect symbiosis. The typical style of the American 50’s ignites the sparkle in every single room. Families, friends and couples can be looking forward to an imaginary trip: On Route 66 with Chuck Berry in your ears and a delicious burger in a diner – let’s roll, baby! For those who did not know: Diners experienced their greatest prosperity during the 50’s when the American youth met for milkshakes, ice cream and burgers. Our the niu Belt revives that cult in Eschborn and has already become the hotspot for locals and digital nomads.

Isakov's play with elements

"Walls are - from a purely technical point of view - always the same. You have a wall and you paint it with color. The specificity comes from the context of the environment." (Isakov)

Experience Isakov's precision integrated into our hotel design at the niu Belt in Eschborn. Once again, elements of ornamentation and architecture play an essential role here. It is his unique view of the whole that elevates this art to a style and interior design standard.

A wall by Isakov is not just a wall. It is part of our total ensemble. Our cosmos. The artist becomes a part of our family. Welcome home to friends.