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Golf swing under the redwoods

The nearby golf court is a real secret tip for golf players and tree-lovers. 250 years old Sequoia-redwoods, that you usually only get to see in faraway places like the Yosemite National Park in the US, cover the Golf- and Land-Club Kronberg.

Parkland-courses, the picturesque castle garden and impressive nature: If you do not play golf already, this will be your place to begin.

Filled with romance and history

Emperor Friedrich, the name that emperor Victoria gave to herself in remembrance of her late husband emperor Friedrich II, back then let the impressive castle Friedrichshof including the castle’s garden be built. 1889 was a great year: her affection for wunderfulness is what made the castle garden a place of dendrological treasures. Those magnificent trees literally put a crown on the land. Fits, right? Indeed, since emperor Friedrich was the daughter of the popular Queen Victoria of England.

It does not get any more royal (in Eschborn)!

Something is left to be said: Before you visit the golf club, make sure you read the proclaimed etiquette carefully. There are house rules and – how could it be any different – a dress code. Look at it as an appropriate tribute to the royal past of this place.


Gut zu wissen: Entfernung vom the niu Belt bis zum Golfplatz: 9,3 km

Wichtiger Hinweis: Die Öffnungszeiten und Auflagen des Golf- und Land-Clubs entnehmt ihr aus gegebenem Anlass bitte der Website des Veranstalters.



Golf- und Land-Club Kronberg e.V.

Schloß Friedrichshof, Hainstraße 25, D-61476 Kronberg/Taunus, Deutschland

Tel.: +49 6173 1426, Fax: +49 6173 5953

Etikette des Golf- und Land-Clubs:

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