Modern day spirit meets industrial tradition

the niu Home


The niu Cobbles presents a well-designed mixture of coalminer’s industrial charm and urban zeitgeist. The design concept lets you get to know Essen and provides some fascinating insights into the city’s history. Did you know that during the 1950s canary birds were used in coal mining as an early warning system against carbon dioxide poisoning? Take a discovery tour of Essen’s rich history. Additional highlight: the wildlife impressions by exceptional artist Björn Holzweg.

Wild Fantasies

Artist Björn Holzweg has left his mark at the niu Cobbles – check out his impressive and unique urban polygon style animal heads. His drawings of wildlife, caught up in geometrical grids, will leave you astonished. Holzweg was born in Leipzig and used to spray graffiti, but has now turned to mapping out nature. Most of his work features wild living animals. 


“I have done animals, over and over again … I got hooked. I prefer to create images of animals, humans are a bit tricky,” Holzweg explains. Exclusively for you: Björn Holzweg and his wild fantasies at the nui Cobbles. Art so touchable and absolutely instagramable … 


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