Happiness in Werden

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One of Essen’s quarters is showing off…

Oh Essen, you are stunning! Maybe not a beauty, but who needs that. And maybe calling you modern and elegant might be stretching it. But you are a force! 


So, here is the thing about Essen: Once you click, you click for eternity. It is the real thing, the big thing. Get to know the city and let it convince you of its charme, open your heart to this queen. Take a stroll around Essen-Werden, where you can find sincere moments and some true highlights to get your heart beating fast.  



You like it quaint? Werden can do that. The cozy timber frame village is located right on the river Ruhr, with its idyllic scenery just begging to be painted. Werden has a unique shop culture. Here people still have a sense of style and craftsmanship. You won’t find any of the big chains and megastores here.

Here you can easily discover why Essen has been elected as Europe’s green capital a few years back.

Are you looking for romanticism? Werden can do that, too. Why not take your loved one on a tour with a rented pedal boat, take along a bottle of something nice and enjoy a tour d´amour. Pedal along the Ruhr, towards beautiful lake Baldeney and woo your lover with a quiet stop-over on the Isle of Brehm (a hidden gem).

Get out the blankets and relax with a picnic. It’s a dream come true, promise. 


Exclusively for our guests: Let us be your hosts here in Essen and take care of your well-being. Ask our staff at reception for a picnic basket for your outing. We will provide lovely treats and drinks. To friendship!

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