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A must-stop: The Café Kauz

Far, far away from metropolitan hipsterdom, there is a small café that unites everything hipsters love about coffee culture. Vegan? Sure. Handmade? Of course! Lactose-free? Yes, that too.

And because it is so good and of highest quality, it even works in the idyllic town of Esslingen.

Having a great view of the vineyards makes the coffee from Freiburg and the handmade chocolates tasty even better. And the interior, transporting you to Denmark’s capital within seconds, also helps to escape everyday reality. We want to stay here. And so can you, if you like.

„Like coming home“

There are resident patrons. The Café Kauz is “their home away from home“, some say. We understand and order our second coffee and a piece of cheesecake to chase down the chocolates.

The Kauz can be found in “Little Venice”, a favorite part of Esslingen. If you trust the city’s marketeers, the quarter at the Rossneckar, not far from the historical inner bridge and the water wheels, makes for a quaint picture. A place too nice to pass up. You really should not.

Since 2017, the Café Kauz has been open and you could almost claim that it belongs to the historic sites of the Swabian city.

It's gorgeously timeless and yet so modern and serene. We will be back. Not just for the cheese cake.

Café Kauz

Bahnhofstraße 32, 73728 Esslingen
Opening hours: Tue - Fri 8 to 18 h, Sat + Sun 9 to 17 h

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