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Comics, Mangas, and other fantastic stuff

The „Sammlerecke“ in Esslingen is a time vortex, trust us. Once you step into it, you won’t feel time pass anymore. Hours later you are the check out, some of your childhood favorites in your left hand, and some really freaky stuff in your right.

Batman or The Simpsons? There are also classics such as Lucky Luke or Prince Ironheart—don’t argue about taste, the store has something for everyone. What’s your story?

You’ll find something, even if you ain’t looking.

You are not really big on comics or manga? You are, you just don’t know it yet. There are some hidden stories from our childhood slumbering deep inside us all. We have all grown up with these stories, having heard them in our youth, helping us to dive deep into the fantastic.

Right here in Esslingen, at the heart of Swabia, you can find them again.

Just this little trip into the past is worth the trip to the middle city (sounds like Middle Earth, doesn’t it?).

It smells of paper in this room. And it is so silent. Of course, why would dreaming even make a sound? Everyone here is deep in thoughts, looking for his past or drifting into other worlds. A great atmosphere to be in.

Brave new world

Marc is 35 years old and has been working at the Sammlerecke for 15 years. He adores mangas, Asterix, The Adventures of Tintin, and the 20th Century Boys - what else.

„People usually buy what they remember from their childhood. If you liked it as a kid, you will mostly still like today“, he explains. Most of the crowd here are adults, but the passion for comics is passed on from generation to generation. Once a year, the Sammlerecke will organize the comic days, for all ages. They will have grilled sausage, free comics, and people doing their favorite cosplay.

No matter—the Sammlerecke in Esslingen is worth a visit. Take your time and really go for the experience, browse and reminisce. You’ll love it.

Sammlerecke, Daimlerstr. 8, 73734 Esslingen
Tel: 0711 / 3154840
Fax: 0711 / 31548420
Mail: info@sammlerecke.de
Opening hours: Mon -Fri 9.00-18.00 h // Sat 10.00-16.00 h

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