Surprisingly different!

the niu Home

Pure & Sustainable

Knock on wood three times, for good luck: You made it, welcome to the niu Timber! Our stylish, sustainable, and puristic concept invites you in to rest a while. With friends, with family, or with business partners. The design translates the original charme of the timber-frame houses here in Esslingen into a serene and modern urbanity. Light and dark tones juxtaposed, warm natural materials such as leather and wood meet with cooler elements such as stone and concrete. A loud splash of color is provided by the street art of artist Ju Mu. We are excited to have her colorful art at the niu Timber.

Lots of color and a Hallelujah!

Street artist Jurena Munoz, better known as Ju Mu or jumumonster, enchants us with her art and her personality. Gracious and like an elf she hovers across the rooms while she creates. To the tune of Latin American playful sounds. The brush is her conductor’s baton, the colors are her orchestra. A wonderful cooperation of art and passion. The result is a troupe of mythical creatures full of soul. Colorful most of the time, down to earth, sometimes in black and white — the Peruvian artist draws and paints shaman’s masks and figures. We applaud her light touch, her passion, and her talent. Come with us and enjoy the artistic tour that is found in our hallways. Be careful and watch your step.

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