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Traditional craftsmanship on the Neckar

Castle Teck, the „Thick Tower“ or the „Frauenkirche“ — all sights worth seeing. No doubt. But in the Swabian city of Esslingen there is more to be found than the historical sights, more that is worth a visit. One such treasure is the Webergasse 7.

Here, you can let the hat maker Birgit Sophie Metzger put a spell on you. Her inspiration is found in the 1920s—her creations nonetheless are exhilarating and timeless. Birgit Sophie’s little hole in the wall store tells stories and will swallow you whole with its charme.

Think about the red carpet events of this world, the glamorous entrances made by stars of the silver screen. In truth, though, the petite artist is not interested so much in the eccentric, but sees her challenge in the craftsmanship that is needed to create „ordinary favorites“, as she calls them.

A feeling of Vogue cat walks right her in Swabia

Katherine Heigl is one of her customers, as are young fashionistas and all those looking for quality and loving details in their extravagant creations.

We love: Frau Metzger has also been making hats and caps for people suffering from cancer. Her „Onco Hat Couture“ is both practical and fashionable, and we think it is just a lovely idea.

After having had your obligatory Swabian pockets or cheese spaetzle, why don’t you head on over to the Webergasse 7 and tip your hat to the creativity at work here.

Szenario Hat Couture

Webergasse 7, 73728 Esslingen


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