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Welcome to Forchheim - the most beautiful city in Franconian Switzerland. Anyone who arrives in Forchheim decelerates suddenly. The magical city enchants and enchants everyone. Cobblestone streets, picturesque architecture, culture dripping with tradition and wonderful Franconian cuisine await you in the district town in the south of the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia.

Every "Eckla" is lovable Franconian

But what should you definitely not miss in Forchheim? We asked those who know it best. Travel blogger Lena and her partner Philipp, better known under the travel blog name Inspiration De La Vie. Two who have a trained eye for details and attractions and who definitely “separate the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to highlights of cities and regions.

“Forchheim exudes a wonderful, historical charm for me. The cityscape is characterized by pretty half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets and small bridges. Here you can let yourself drift wonderfully and discover small cafés, beer gardens and boutiques. "

“An absolute highlight of our trip was the Forchheimer Kellerwald. In the largest beer garden in the world, there is cool beer from Forchheim breweries as well as delicious Franconian dishes. In the many inviting beer gardens, you can sit in the great outdoors under a green canopy of leaves.

Another highlight is the colorfully decorated Kappellenstrasse with a view of St. Martin's Church and the magnificent Nuremberg Gate, the only well-preserved city gate. "

It is rich in culture and tasty - to this day.

Lena's extra tip:

“Be sure to pack good shoes! Because a hiking tour through Franconian Switzerland is definitely part of it - in addition to classic sightseeing. We recommend a tour around Walberla, the most famous mountain between Bamberg, Forchheim and Nuremberg. "

You can find more inspiration and tips for Forchheim on Lena's and Philipp's blog: But now you have to pack your suitcase first. See you at the niu Hop in Forchheim. We look forward to you!


About Lena aka Inspiration De La Vie
Lena is a travel blogger from Germany. She has been sharing her travel experiences since 2016. Together with her partner and photographer Philipp, she mainly travels through Europe and shows exciting travel destinations, great photo spots as well as hotel and travel tips on her blog and Instagram channel. With her passion for individual and round trips, she wants to motivate others to fulfill their own travel dreams, to find unknown places in Europe and to rediscover popular travel destinations.

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