Industrial charm with hut magic

the niu Home

Traditionally tapped, delivered in a modern way

Welcome to the home of beer: The Franconian the niu Hop impresses with its unique design and interior storytelling. Here you will experience a homage to the hops. Good to know: This versatile plant has it all and is what makes beer so tasty, flavorful and long-lasting. Clearly, and of course, it's a matter of honor for the designer that the “holy” hops meander through the interior in shape and color: from decorative lighting to green accents in textiles, graphics and wall paintings. Dark steel, rustic wooden elements and brick walls give the niu Hop a really cozy barn atmosphere. Elements such as sackcloth, hemp rope and wooden ladders underline this charm and let tradition dance lightly with modernity. The spacious and urban living lobby invites you to stop and linger. The best local beer is available at the stylish bar, as well as freshly tapped insider tips and a “Fränggisch-Werdderbuch” for an unforgettable city trip!