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Welcome to the hops paradise. In Hollywood there is the “Walk of Fame”, in Forchheim the “Walk of Beer”. In the Franconian hops paradise, Holiday Inn - the niu, Hop Forchheim gives you a unique city trip.

Wonderful half-timbered houses, a charming old town with cobblestone streets, a medieval city wall and the largest beer garden in the world - Forchheim has it all, the oldest town in Franconia with an umbrella, charm and beer crown. In addition to many impressive sights, countless places to stop for a break and offer regional delicacies await you. To all beer lovers: around 40 different types of beer are brewed in Forchheim. Our tip: After a hike through Franconian Switzerland, we recommend stopping at the family-run Neder brewery. Bon appetit, cheers and welcome to Forchheim!

Holiday Inn - the niu, Hop Forchheim


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