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Family fun bowling

If you are looking to play a few lanes between business appointments or on a city trip with friends or family, then the „Bowlingzentrum Rebstock“ is your best bet. The place opened back in the days of the 1970s and the family-run business has retained its retro chic until today. Check it out.

The center has 30 lanes in total and kind of reminds us of the center that the Coen brothers used for their cult hit  “The Big Lebowski”.

If you think that only losers and weirdos can be found in a bowling alley, you can rest easy: The „Bowlingzentrum Rebstock“ is very family friendly and even offers additional lanes specially designed for children. 

It is a place out of time. And quite chill.

It is this mixed crowd that really makes the bowling alley an insider tip: you will not find any hipsters and influencers. Instead, you can meet authentic Frankfurters, serenely knocking over the pins and forgetting their troubles and the big city for the duration of a game. This is real. We recommend it.

Rebstock Bowling, Am Römerhof 13, 60486 Frankfurt, Tel.: +49 69 702070

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