Pure Urbanity

the niu Home

Confidently Stylish!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen: at the niu Charly Hessian coziness meets the sleek elegance of skyscrapers and modern Scandinavian interiors. Light wood, brown leather surfaces, and an elegant color scheme in coal grey, powder blue, and black impart an exquisite and stylish character to the niu Charly. Be it the Living-Lobby or the smart rooms – every detail is confidently stylish. A place to get inspired, to engage each other, to enjoy life or to work. For business travellers, couples, friends and families alike, the niu Charly is a cosmopolitan home with an air of casualness. Artist Nils Kasiske (aka „Studio Topie“) gets this across with his powerful brush strokes and lots of color. Awesome!

A chain reaction of circumstances

Hamburg’s bustling artist Nils Kasiske is the head of “Studio Topie”. He is a painter, sculptor and illustrator, always working on point and with a sense of humor. His most important tools are pen and brush. „It’s hard to explain how I get my ideas, but most often I have a complete image of the work in my head. The end result does not always match that. But it is always a chain reaction of circumstances and events that lead to my idea“, the artist says. For the niu Charly Kasiske has taken on the city of Frankfurt and the area around the central station, expressing it with a lot of humor and even more color - letting his imagination run free and wild. Watch out! 

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