Don’t be Station-ary!

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Everything you need to know about Germany’s most exuberant quarters.

For a long time, the area surrounding Frankfurt main station was considered sinful. A blight on the city, families beware! In short, the station’s quarters were not recommendable to visitors. 

But things have changed. It might still not be picture-perfect, but it sure has gotten interesting. If you know where to go, you can find some true diamonds in the rough. Our the niu Charly is smack in the middle of it all, at the heart of things. We are proud of our neighborhood and we just love this vibrant mix of bank managers, tourists, the down-and-outs, and all the normal folk that pass by. You got a great view of the skyline, you can explore the beautiful older parts of town, discover culinary treasures and our beloved „Kiosk“-culture - something akin to New York’s bodegas. The station’s quarters is one of the most exciting areas in all of Germany. Lots to see, lots to learn, and even more to love.


Welcome to Frankfurt!

Here are our tips, exclusively put together by our the niu Charly hotel manager Lee:

  • The “Yok Yok City-Kiosk” on Münchener Straße is absolutely iconic – especially when summer nights are warm, it is swarming with locals. This is where you meet, where you chat and drink a nice cold beer after the day’s work is done. But first you gotta choose one: from more than 200 brands on sale here, from all over the world. Recommended: Take a look at the storage room, which is an art exhibit. And one special tip: the bottle opener is right next to the door. Cheers! 
  • You definitely (!) need to check out the food at “Nuy’s Thai”. Explore the menu and try it all, it is great Asian cuisine. By now the small shop is legendary and people from all over Frankfurt drive here just for a taste. It is a culinary treat that you cannot miss. Get to Taunusstraße 17a!

A real cultural highlight is tucked away at Gallusanlage 7: here you find the English Theatre. Poetry Slams, amazing theatre performances, open air events and very, very tasty cocktails at the theater’s own bar „James“ — all of that and much more can be found at this wonderful cultural center, in the midst of the station’s quarter. Highly recommended.

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