Living puristically

the niu Home

The art of omission

“Less is more” is the theme at the niu Coin. The puristic design concept is known for clarity. Subtle colors and clear lines ensure an effective elegance. The stock index is used in its jagged, graphic representation as a key visual and can be found in different presentations in the lobby as well as in the rooms. Polygonal shapes with accent lighting meet metallic surfaces. The warm wood tones, indirect light and golden elements create atmosphere and vibrancy. The overall concept is a treat for the senses. The style of minimalism has a positive impact on the mind and eyes. Try it out! The niu Coin is a fantastic place to keep a clear head, get inspiration and get creative. Street artist “Kill Beef” has felt this energy and has given the niu Coin a casual attitude with a brush and paint bucket. We are impressed!

The wonderful world of Kill Beef

Street artist Santiago loves to polarize and to have fun with his art. The 32-year-old painter from Uruguay finds his inspiration in the subculture and the underground music scene. Almost six years ago the South American developed his own style and has been inspiring the art scene as a street artist “Kill Beef” ever since.


As Santiago explains “Kill Beef is a play on words and an allusion to the eternal beef from the world of Hip Hop.”


For the niu Coin, Santiago went into a completely different world and illustrated the Frankfurt financial world. Used as symbols such as the bear and the bull he pointedly illustrates the economic upswing and downturn. Its color scheme reflects the metal of coins.


To Santiago “it is great that the niu gives different artists the opportunity to show their work in a very unconventional way.”


We think it's great to have you here Santiago!

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