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Culinary madness on 1200 sqm – maximum experience!

The name confuses. At Frankfurt's Kleinmarkthalle nothing really is small. This culinary adventure is hard to resist. Where to start? Where to go next? What cannot be missed? The answer is: we have no idea. But the truth is: There is something for anyone to experience. Depending on your taste and food you love you can have a big food party at Frankfurt's Kleinmarkthalle. Culinary artists demonstrate their cooking and food display skills. The operators of the hall call the idea “a successful concept of traditional market atmosphere and a modern melting pot of international specialties.”


We nod. The smells are amazing, quickly overwhelming. The volume is also impressive and the choices seem endless. Sounds like stress? No. Not even close.

It is even more of a challenge to find the right thing for you.

Italian specialties? Available. Frankfurt homemade dishes? Of course. Fresh ingredients from the fields in the region? Oh yes! Vegetarian? Of course. And even the sweet tooth is satisfied here. In short: the Kleinmarkthalle is a true paradise for connoisseurs and strollers.

A bonus tip from us to you: Grab your culinary selection and stroll up the stairs to the Rollanderhof winery. Here you can experience first-class wine testing and have a strong drink.


By now the Rollanderhof wine stand has become an unspoken hotspot in the market hall. The people of Frankfurt happily let their traditional gourmet tour come to an end here.

In short: traders, locals and tourists meet at this location on over 1200 square meters. We are here too. Over and over again. Our goal is to try everything at least once. Stop by, feast and have a drink with us. See you in Frankfurt!

Opening Hours
Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm
Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Hasengasse 5-7,
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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