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A culinary tour of Fürth

Sometimes it really makes sense to work together. The Fürth collective “Das Gourmetviertel” is one of those occasions. Those working on the best food become more visible through community. The “Gourmetviertel” includes food and delicacy specialists around Marienstraße, Hirschenstraße and Theresienstraße in the center of Fürth. All shops are within walking distance of each other.

We started our delicious tour at the “Feinkosteria“: You can buy delicacies of the rarest sort here, homemade cakes, and preserves.

From there, we strolled to the famous “Fischtreff” - so tasty! At “Käse Langer” we sampled a wide variety of fine cheeses from all over the world. Oh my!

And our Finale Grande took place at “Pastarello”. The handmade Italian pasta there is to die for. 

This is a culinary tour worth its name. Fürth, you amaze us.

More detailed information on the collective stores at: https://www.rund-um-fuerth.de/unternehmen/kategorie/einkaufsviertel/gourmetviertel-fuerth/

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