Chivalrous Comfort

the niu Home

Medieval charm meets modern design

Urban, elegant, and casual: The niu Saddle is showing a lot of style and quite the eye for detail. Here, Fürth’s 1000 year old history turns into a lively and modern design concept. Medieval motives and decorations, such as lances, swords, horses, leather saddles, or coats of armor are eye-catching in this stylish and modern interior. Rough wooden textures combined with leather and steel. A clever twist that really makes the niu Saddle unique and let’s you forget the time. Families, couples, and urban nomads can savor the Living-Lobby like royalty, or just go out to explore the neighborhood. A great place to meet the locals is our Saddle-Bar. Visually quite stunning with its salon feel, it offers the best local drinks. If you need even more contrast, check out Brasilian street artist Zezão’s work, which combines medieval with modern under a coat of urbanity. 

Internationally renowned street artist Zezão’s works are marked by their social message, which they convey without obviousness. His sprayed murals are almost three dimensional. The Brasilian artist usually brightens up São Paulo’s favelas with his blue arabesques and neon colored images. „They lend these forgotten places a unique and mystical beauty“, the sprayer says. At the niu Saddle the artist has created a Brasilian liveliness with his extraordinary street art ornamentations, creating a cool contrast to the other interior. Check it out!

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