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Vintage secrets in Fürth

Fürth is a city with a soul. And a lot of surprises. Are you looking for quaint and historical? Yup, got that. The Franconian beauty is old, has a historical district at its center, and some gorgeous and truly stunning architecture. But if you think that a visit to Fürth is boring and like walking around a museum, you could not be more wrong. Fürth is really cool. And modern. And stylish!

Doubts? Then take a look at Alexanderstraße 5. The amazing and charismatic 2nd Hand-Shop “LA COLA” had us convinced on our first visit. You can find awesome vintage treasures, a lot of practical things, cool stuff, and some soul.

„Nudity might be the number one option for a sustainable lifestyle, we are number two.“

Nothing is random in this place. If you find it at “LA COLA”, then owner Sabrina Rodehau found it worthy. And in terms of sustainability you can rest assured that she watches out too, it is an essential part of her philosophy. In this store, you can shop for your new favorites and be certain that nature doesn’t pay the price. And by the way: „LA COLA“ is the best reminder that „old“ doesn’t mean out-of-style. Everything can be reinterpreted and you can take a look on their Instagram for hands-on styling tips. We love it!

“True heroes buy second hand”

And a very special tip for you: Book a „Private Shopping” at “LA COLA” for you and your friends. It doesn’t get any more exclusive. A bit of NYC-feeling, right here in Franconia. This alone makes Fürth worthy of a trip …

Address: LA COLA, Alexanderstraße 5, 90762 Fürth

Remember: Current information and opening hours are on their website: https://lacola.de/



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