Summer of Love in Fürth

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Exploring Fürth

Kathi and Romeo of the “Sommertage” (Summer Days) blog have had a magical day in the Franconian city of Fürth. The enchanting city has a lot of history, amazing architecture, and a great romantic flair to it. So, of course, we are reminded of deceleration. It’s nice here, in the city of clover leaves in the south.

We have come to stay.

“Sommertage”-stops at one glance:

  • Rathaus (city hall)
  • Grüner Markt (Green market)
  •  Pfarrgasse
  • Hornschuchpromenade
  • Zum Flussdreieck
  • Picnic at city park
  • Kulturort Badstrasse (Cultural Center)
  • Kaffeerösterei Lapuzia (Roast house)
  • Café Kaffeebohne
  • Terrazza
  • Grüner Brauhaus (Brewery)

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