Rough edges

the niu Home


The overall concept of the niu Ridge mirrors everything you will find in the pages of „Décor“ and similar magazines. Different styles that evoke awe and will let any influencer’s heart beat faster. A hotel full of inspiration and character. Out of the box, with rough edges, courageous: its mixture of Skandinavian style, art deco, natural tones, gaudy accents, gold and brass is what makes the niu Ridge what it is: a place to toast, to stay, to be happy. And the artists Marc Jung and Marco Fischer provide even more of that. Born in Erfurt, the two talents have become brothers in spirit and thus breathed even more pomp and circumstance into the niu Ridge.

Craftsmanship and brotherhood

Street artist Marc Jung and photographer Marco Fischer have taken on the beautification of the niu Ridge during the Viva con Agua-campaign “All for water - Water for all". A symbiosis of beauty and contradiction. In short: Marc Jung created his gaudy and loud street art on the black and white portraits by photographer Marco. The result is extraordinary and very contrasting art, manifested on the walls of our Ridge. We are proud that our interiors are now the space where your brotherhood bloomed into creativity.

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