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The „Isemarkt“ in Hamburg

Stroll, wonder, feast, relax – all this can be done at one of the greatest markets in Hamburg, the „Isemarkt“. It’s a pretty and small market, partly located underneath a historical railway line, surrounded by beautiful older buildings that are typical for Hamburg. This is the place for you to get to know the people of Hamburg and to find out about their culinary world - we ensure you everyone is going to find what they desire.

High-quality meat, vegetables and fruits, the obligatory fish-roll to go, the finest Italian espresso and a variety of cheese at Nagele so big, you will irritate the next customers in the queue by needing some time to choose. The smell of freshly baked bread taking up the streets of the „Isemarkt“, honey produced in small allotment gardens, succulent apples from the „Altes Land“, fresh vegetables from the „Priggehof“, wonderful flowers for your loved ones and much more. Obviously, the „Isemarkt“ offers a wide range of options for everyone. Visiting the „Isemarkt“ is a must when you come to Hamburg to experience a real „Klönschnack“ (chit-chat) with the locals.

Extra tip: The website of the „Isemarkt“ allows you to dive into the world of market traders. Highly recommended.

20144 Hamburg



Opening hours:
On Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30am – 2pm

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