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One of a kind playground in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The Eppendorfer Park is a real treasure for families. Not only is it one of the greenest parks we know (a perfect spot for playing hide and seek), but it also includes one of the coolest playgrounds or more specifically: construction playground. For those who don’t know the term: A „Baui“, how the people of Hamburg call it, is a true oasis for adventure. A refuge for pirates, craftsmen, conquerers, inventors and artists – for everyone who wants to set their imagination free – this is the place to go.

On this playground children can express their creativity in a pottery workshop, with animals, while making bread on a stick for the campfire or simply by climbing various wooden jumps.

In short: This is the place where children get to be children. Hurray – let’s go to the „Baui“!!

Bauspielplatz Eppendorf
Frickestrasse 1
20251 Hamburg

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