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Hamburg’s design heart beats loudly

There are so many preconceptions about the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Hamburgers are called tight-lipped, stiff, and narrow-minded. Hogwash, we tell you and invite you to get to know the amazingly creative design stores in all of the North. In reality, Hamburgers are a cosmopolitan, affectionate folk with a beautiful creativity.

Get ready for a trip to the coolest designers in Hamburg.

2. Black Velvet Circus

Tanja Glissmann’s motto “Love the past - Love the future” can be found in all of her styles. The Hamburg fashion designer has already worked for big labels such as Alexander McQueen and lala Berlin. Her creations are a fantastic mixture of rock´n´roll and vintage, all the while graciously feminine. Ladies, you will love this.  


Good to know: Selected styles by Black Velvet Circus can be found at the shop “faible and failure”.

Address: Glashüttenstrasse 5, 20357 Hamburg


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