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Best kebab in Hamburg

"Jesus, it's loud here," is probably the thought of some visitors to the legendary kebab snack bar with the promising name BATMAN. Yes, it is loud. And yes, it's lively and bustling. But believe us, this is the expression of pure joie de vivre - rolled up in fluffy yufka flatbreads or tasty flatbreads.
We take a look around. The location is not cosy, BATMAN is a functional, typical snack bar. The front counter area is open and transparent. You are served by almost 10 agile and smiling employees at the same time. Our Dürüm doner kebab with chicken is made at an incredible speed. The ordering process is like a relay race. We work our way in amazement from left to right to the cashier. 12 euros for two sumptuous Dürüm doner kebabs. 12 euros for pure rolled happiness with lots of spicy sauce, juicy meat and very, very crispy salad. 
BATMAN is famous beyond the neighbourhood boundaries. But what makes BATMAN owner Hanifi Toprak different? The regulars point to the homemade sauces. A secret recipe, they say from the kitchen. Everything that is prepared and processed here is guaranteed to be fresh. Nothing is reheated here. And the success proves the concept and recipe right. Hanifi Toprak's kebab skewers are turning at full speed.
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A particular favourite? Apart from the aforementioned, it's the friendly waiters who greet everyone loudly and with snappy sayings on their lips as if they had grown up together. You won't find Bruce Wayne aka Batman here, but the speed with which the food is prepared and served is bordering on superpower. But joking aside. The snack bar is not named after the superhero; the Turkish city of Batman, from the province of the same name in south-east Turkey, was the inspiration for the Hamburg-based gastro concept. Batman now has almost 250 seats on two levels. Kebab for everyone!
We recommend a translator app - you can hear countless languages in the Batman snack bar. Here you eat(s) together - who wants to claim that food doesn't unite people?
Batman Café and Restaurant

Steindamm 58

20099 Hamburg 

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