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A street as a multiverse

Colorful, long, diverse and a must when in the Hanseatic city: The Lange Reihe in St.Georg is a cult mile full of bars, small gastronomic gems and colorful, lively meeting places. From hippiesque Himalayan boutiques, with incense sticks and felted sandals, to excellent star-level cuisine with creamy tuna tartare and marinated fennel - the Lange Reihe is ready for you.

The Multiversum is a stone's throw from Hamburg's main train station and our the niu Fusion, and is considered one of the most colorful and tolerant neighborhoods in Hamburg. Here and there a rainbow flag is flying and the neighborhood makes no secret of it: Everyone is welcome here! Diversity District is what some tourists call it and the people of Hamburg nod in agreement.

On nice days, the Lange Reihe is lined with tables and umbrellas. Here people chat, feast and enjoy - #gönndir is considered a mantra here. 

Many neighborhoods and miles are subculturally clustered. Not so the Lange Reihe. When we speak of a multiverse, we mean it literally. Every interest group is represented here. The nice thing is: If you have an open eye and an open heart, you will find real gems here. Come, stroll, feast and make friends. Nowhere is this better than on Lange Reihe in Hamburg's St. Georg district. 

Fun fact: St. Georg is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Hamburg. A stone's throw from Lange Reihe, you'll see the two towers of St. Mary's Cathedral. Both worlds function in peaceful coexistence. 

Service: And because the agony of choice can sometimes be overwhelming, we have compiled the must-sees of the cult mile for you.


1. Café Gnosa

The cornerstone of the Lange Reihe is still worth a visit. The LGBTQ Coffee House has been enriching the colorful cult mile since 1939. It really does have the charm of the old days without looking dusty or antiquated. This is where people meet. This is where people are seen. Apart from that, the cake is a sensation.

2. Bianco

In 2020, the small basement café opened in de Lange Reihe 87. The smallest café on the Kultmeile in terms of square meters definitely has great things to offer. In addition to the delicious coffee, the homemade cheesecake, the delicious Banana Bread, the Vegan Chocolate Cake and the Vegan Lemon Cake are four very, very good reasons to descend the steps of number 87. 

3. Farina di Nonna

You'll find handmade pizza dreams at Lange Reihe 19. Apart from the fact that the hand made sales argument always works, the pizza delivers what it promises. Here you can taste the passion for Italian food culture. Our recommendation: Pizza Vegavita with homemade tomato sauce, grain mix, almond paste, fresh colorful peppers, olives and marinated arugula.

4. Homely 

"Healing world cafes" are a dime a dozen. Homely leads that category. You'd think it invented the Homely feel. Quaint, cozy, timeless, delicious, affordable. Need more? How about a well-balanced, build-your-own breakfast? The check-off menu covers everything from Nordic to Mediterranean breakfast ingredients.


1. Him & Laya

Hippieesque and green at heart. The Him&Laya boutique offers everything that is ecologically correct. From Nag Champa incense sticks to hand-felted mules, you'll find everything your nature-loving heart desires here. 

2. Salon St.Georg

"We are family" is the motto of this basement hair salon on Lange Reihe. Those who come, keep coming back. Confessed LGBTQIA+ hairdresser with heart and talent.

3. chapeau St.Georg

Headdresses will never go out of style. They have always been considered an expression of good style and taste. This small stylish store offers a wide range of hats, top hats, caps, fascinators and occasion hats. We like: For special occasions, you can turn to the hat rental service. 

4. antiquarian bookshop and bookstore Dr. Robert Wohlers & Co.

The name of the bookstore is a bit unwieldy, admittedly. But once you've cleared that hurdle, you're immersed in a world of perfectly curated book treasures. The best part, however, is that you can enjoy talking shop with the staff about each work. Dr. Wohlers Bookstore and Antiquarian Bookshop is a time sink of the good kind. 

Gastronomy / Culinary

Café Gnosa
Lange Reihe 93
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.243034

Bianco // Café Café Gnosa
Lange Reihe 87
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.28003335

Farina di Nonna // Pizzaria 
Lange Reihe 19
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.28003858

Homely // Café and Restaurant 
Lange Reihe 47
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.28003767


Him & Laya // Boutique 
Lange Reihe 55
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.247188

Salon St. Georg // Hairdresser 
Lange Reihe 92
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.41924440

Chapeau St. Georg // Hattery
Lange Reihe 94
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.28004375

Antiquarian bookshop and bookstore Dr. Robert Wohlers & Co. 
Lange Reihe 80
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040.247715

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