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The flair of the good old days

Located in the midst of countless fast food joints, greengrocers and shisha bars, the Savoy is a last bastion of "old Hamburg."

The Savoy lettering is beautifully and intricately crafted, curved - simply elegant. The entrance to the building does not look pompous, let alone glamorous, and yet: with its mid-century look, the cinema exudes the charm of the "good old days". One senses that great things took place behind the glass doors, that German film and theater greats such as Hans Albers and Heidi Kabel paid their respects, and that the people of Hamburg got out their finest threads for film premieres in the 60s and 70s. You can really smell it. That, and the sweet and sour popcorn, which by the way is unique.

The Savoy cinema in Hamburg's St. Georg district has been one of the most beautiful cinemas in the Hanseatic city since 1954. Comfortably upholstered red double seats and the special popcorn are just two good reasons to immerse yourself in the cinematic world. But the real speciality lies in the program of the screening theater.

In addition to special features of the "English Theatre" genre, you'll also find Bollywood films in the "Indian Cinema" category, selected anime and special screenings, such as the live broadcast of the Academy Awards, or "the Oscars" for short, or the exclusive listing of the new Metallica record.

Also the fact that you get many flicks presented in original language and without subtitles has made the Savoy a permanent cultural dinosaur.

At first glance, the Savoy makes it stand out from the surroundings of the Stone Dam. And yes, you have to take a deep breath in and out when you enter this parallel world to escape the wildly mixed smells of the surrounding snack bars, but that's Hamburg. This is cultural freedom. Everyone is allowed to be here, everything is allowed to take place here. And so the Savoy is a firm institution of the Steindamm and the Steindamm is also a piece of home for the Savoy. Welcome to the Waterkant!


SAVOY Filmtheater Hamburg
Steindamm 54
20099 Hamburg


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