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Kreativquartier Oberhafen

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This is where we meet

The „Kreativquartier“ is the perfect place to explore Hamburg’s art, design, artisanship, and subculture. Gate by gate, the creative design studios and workshops are placed next to each other. A nearly endless stroll to awaken your inspiration.

This is Hamburg. This is authentic.

67.000 square meters of creativity

The former freight yard has been used for a long time as a warehouse and logistics center. But the days of practical usage are over – today the huge area is devoted primarily to arts and culture. It is worth it to bring both time and money. The quarter is full of countless treasures.


Your heart is beating for furniture and bizarre objects?

By all means, you need to take a look at „Johanna Schulz Wohnen“. The interior design expert offers furniture, antiquities, vintage and modern objects. Even better: Johanna offers consulting gigs, in case you need her expert opinion on how to design your apartment. Highly recommended.  

Also, don’t miss out on the Hanseatische Materialverwaltung (Hanseatic Administration of Materials). You can find TV- and theater props of all kinds here, to rent or to buy. What a great idea: depending on your usage, the price to rent or buy is reduced - if you are a non-profit, you pay less.  

And trust us when we say, the HMV is a mystery, a time warp that will suck you in whole and release you much, much later but full of inspiration. Amazing!

“In the twilight hours between work and home, suck in some harbor feeling and meet friends“ (Hamburger Kammerkunstverein)

Up for something a bit more musical?

Our recommendation for that is a visit to the Hamburger Kammerkunstverein. Chamber music sounds too boring for you? Trust us, it is far from it. The ensemble of more than 30 experienced musicians and theatre workers puts on great events in regular intervals. For example, the after-hours concert “Klassik zur blauen Stunde” (Classical Music at Twilight). „If you are looking to deepen your experience, to find finesse and new paths, then you are right on spot…“ the event managers say. And we tend to agree.

Just browsing? “Bisschen Luschern” („just a peek“) as we say here in Northern Germany, is always possible. This is the jist of it: the Kreativquartier is open for everyone interested, as long as you are respecting the creative process and the artists’ property. Be inspired and enjoy the exchange with local artists, visionaries, makers, tinkerers and all kinds of fantastic talent. You’ll see: Hamburg is breaking ground in terms of vision and creativity.  

Kreativquartier Oberhafen 5+1 e.V.  

Stockmeyerstraße 43, 20457 Hamburg


For more details and opening hours, we recommend you visit the website of the Oberhafen and some of its individual workshops.






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