Roller Disco

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Disco-Glam at the Mojo Club

When you are in Hamburg, a visit to the Reeperbahn is a must. Get all dolled up, dressed to kill, and enjoy the hottest bars and clubs on Hamburg’s leisure boulevard No. 1. Who wouldn’t? Once you are here, you do want to take a peek at the legendary sinful mile, right? Just a head’s up: The sinful days are kind of gone. Today, the Reeperbahn is a crazy mixture of culture, bar scene, clubs, fast-food joints, sexshops, table dance, and souvenirs. Tourists are flocking to the place and the „red light“ is hardly more than a heat lamp barbecuing the doner kebap around the corner. And yet: It is and always will be the Reeperbahn – iconic for Hamburg. Songs have been sung, tales have been spun, and experiences had – it wouldn’t be Hamburg without it.

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